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GPS Blazing Fast Service Plans

  • Local phone number.
  • Tracking interval updates:
    • 1sec
    • 5sec
    • 10sec
    • 30sec
    • 60sec
  • RS232 camera for taking photo with location & driving information.
  • Two-way hands free communication.
  • Unlimited Texting plus Voice Calls.
  • WiFi camera for real-time video monitoring
  • Records kept based on customer requirements with the ability to generate multiple reports.
  • View and track on computer, iPad or smartphone:


Benefits & Features

GPS makes it easy for you to effectively monitor your driver or fleet. You may also manage inappropriate driving behavior to reduce insurance and vehicle repair costs.

What Our Clients Say

  • I’ve been in the trucking business for over 40 years.  From driver, to
    dispatcher, to owner.  MyMonitorCenter gives me management capabilities
    and oversight I never would have imagined years ago.

    Peter C Trucking Company Owner

  • As a parent, I love being able to look at my phone to track the school
    bus my child is on.  And I also like the fact that I know that bus and
    the driver are constantly being monitored for safety issues as well.

    Susan D Mom

  • Just want to tell you, that since we got the ability to track our fleet of school buses. Our transportation is running much more smoothly and the parents have called us with compliments they noticed an immediate improvement.

    Glen School Administrator